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Sauna Standard vs. Sauna Modeling System

Sauna Standard is the basic version of the program. The advanced version is the Sauna Modeling System. Pricing information is available here.

Here is a summary of the differences between the two versions:
  Sauna Standard Sauna Modeling System
Transient analysis No Yes, simple or duty
cycle transient
Maximum number
of nodes
20,000 100,000
Maximum number
of assemblies
25 10,000
Free support (software upgrades
and technical assistance)
6 months 1 year
Training session Not included One day class included

Comments and suggestions

  1. If you're having trouble deciding between Sauna Std and Sauna MS, start by purchasing Sauna Standard. This makes sense because you can upgrade with full credit during the first year after purchase.
  2. In general, Sauna Standard is suitable for simple models of heat sinks, circuit boards and boxes with one or two boards. If you plan to create detailed, "stackup" models of chips, Sauna MS will be required. Similarly, if you wish to model non-uniform boxes with 3 or more boards, it is likely that you will need Sauna MS. But, once again, if you're not sure, start with Sauna Standard. Both products are sold with a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

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