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  US/Canada Western
Sauna Standard,6
PC, single user license
$1,125.00 $1,350.00 $1,575.00
Sauna Modeling System,7
PC, single user license
$3,330.00 $3,995.00 $4,660.00
Sauna Modeling System,8
PC, floating license
$8,340.00 $10,000.00 $11,670.00

Terms and notes

  1. All prices are in United States dollars.
  2. All prices are for a perpetual license.
  3. There is a 60 day, money-back guarantee.
  4. Shipping is included in the above prices. For US shipments, the product is shipped with UPS 2nd day air. For international shipments, UPS Expedited service is used. For overnight shipping in the United States, add $50 (order must be received by 15:00 EST).
  5. Payment terms: 30 days, net.
  6. Sauna Standard includes 6 months of full support, including both product updates and technical assistance by phone and email. Sauna Standard packages may be upgraded to Sauna MS with a 100% credit during the first year after purchase.
  7. Sauna Modeling System includes one year of full support, including both product updates and technical assistance by phone and email. Sauna MS also includes a free one day training session for one person. For further details on the differences between Sauna Std and Sauna MS, click here.
  8. For a floating license, a formal license agreement must be completed prior to shipping the order. This license agreement specifies the location that may use the floating license and other terms of use. The floating license includes 5 copies of the Sauna user manual. Additional user manuals may be purchased for $100.00.
  9. Multi-copy discounts are available to single company locations that purchase more than 1 package. A single company location is defined as either a single building or a collection of buildings that have the same street address. Here is the discount schedule:
    • 2nd copy: 10% discount
    • 3rd copy: 20% discount
    • 4th and higher copy: 30% discount
  10. Training sessions are held in Ann Arbor, Michigan. If the user does not qualify for a free training session, the cost is $300 per person for a 1 day class. Training at company sites is also possible, please contact Thermal Solutions for details.
  11. Technical support agreements. When the initial support period expires, a technical support agreement may be purchased. A support agreement covers both comprehensive technical assistance by phone and email, as well as free product updates (typically one major product release per year). Current customers pay 30% of the purchase price for a one year support agreement. Thus, a Sauna Standard customer in the US would pay $338.00 for a support agreement. A Sauna MS customer in the US would pay $999.00.
    A customer who does not renew support before the termination of a support period is considered non-current. For non-current customers the support cost is 50% of the new product price.
  12. Thermal Solutions reserves the right to change prices and terms without warning.

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