Sauna V5.5 Preview

Sauna V5.5 adds cylinder, tube and bar assemblies. These assembies incorporate multiple node planes (stacking of assemblies is not required). It is easy to incorporate cooling on all internal and external surfaces. With these new features, you can efficiently model liquid-cooled cold plates, wires and ribbon cables, and cylindrical components. Sauna V5.5 incorporates a number of other key refinements, as described below.

Cylinder, bars and tubes
Cylinder, bars and tubes

New cylinder, bar and tube assemblies

  • Very easy to create
  • Not just cylinders and round tubes, a variety of bar and hole combinations are supported
  • Multiple node planes, plane density can be modified by user
  • Temperature contours shown on all surfaces
  • Footprint heat source can be placed on the faces of bars and tubes

Float resistors on outer body of tube
Float resistors on outer body of tube

Easy addition of float resistors on all surfaces

  • A cylinder or bar has separate cooling for front face, back face and outer body
  • A tube has separate cooling for front face, back face, outer body and inner surfaces
  • Cooling types: natural, forced air, radiation

flow network inside tube
Flow network inside tube

Flow networks for tube assemblies

  • Flow network can be added to inside of round, square or rectangular tube
  • Also possible to add flow to any "hole" in a plate assembly
  • Supported fluids are air, water and user specified

multiple node planes for bar, tube and plate
Multiple node planes for bar, tube and plate

Multiple node planes in assemblies

  • Bars and tubes automatically created with multiple node planes
  • Plate assembly can be edited to incorporate multiple planes

tube routing
Tube routing

Route bars and tubes

  • Easy to create a 3D chain of cylinders, bars or tubes
  • An elbow connector is incorporated
  • Flow network can easily be added throughout the network

new assembly shapes
New assembly shapes

New assembly and node shapes

  • New assembly shapes: triangle, poly 5, poly 6
  • New node shapes: poly 5, poly 6, circular (16 sides), sliced circle (7-16 sides)
  • Provides additional modeling flexability

Other improvements

  • Create rectangular hole by defining two points (new option, can still create hole with center point and dimensions)
  • Filled hole command
    • similar to creating hole, except that hole is filled with a new assembly with the same material
    • very useful for creating a section with higher mesh density inside a larger assembly (no slicing required)
    • if necessary, can change the material, useful for modeling a heat sink with copper insert
    • if necessary, can change the number of node planes in the insert


  • Availability: beta release June 2021, final release August 2021
  • Feature list is preliminary

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