Sauna V5.5 Preview

tube enclosure with radial fins
Tube enclosure with radial fins

Sauna V5.5 provides important new features

  • Cylinder, bar and tube assemblies
  • Can-shaped enclosures
  • Multiple node planes so stacking of assemblies is not required
  • Temperature contours shown on all surfaces
  • New polygon and node shapes

New bar and tube assemblies
Cylinder, bars and tubes

New cylinder, bar and tube assemblies

  • Very easy to create
  • Not just cylinders and round tubes, a variety of bar and hole combinations are supported
  • Use bars and tubes for:
    • cylindrical components (coils, capacitors, resistors)
    • liquid cooling applications
    • heat loss through wires
  • Multiple node planes, plane density can be modified by user
  • Separate cooling mode for front face, back face, side surfaces and internal surfaces
  • Temperature contours shown on all surfaces

Round can model with cylindrical components
Round can model with cylindrical components

Can-shaped enclosures

  • Easy to create, largely the same as creating a rectangular box
  • "Plate in can" and "Board in can" commands provided, just as for rectangular boxes
  • Convection and gray radiation networks are easy to creates
  • Can use cylindrical shaped components within a can (or rectangular box)

Cold plate model
Cold plate model

Efficient modeling of cold plates

  • Easy to create a 3D chain of tubes (round or rectangular)
  • Flow network (liquid or air) can easily be added to the inside of tubes
  • An elbow connector is incorporated

New assembly and node shapes

  • New assembly shapes: triangle, poly 5, poly 6
  • New node shapes: poly 5, poly 6, circular (16 sides), sliced circle (7-16 sides)
  • Provides important modeling flexability

Other improvements

  • Create rectangular hole by defining two points (new option, can still create hole with center point and dimensions)
  • Filled hole command
    • similar to creating hole, except that hole is filled with a new assembly with the same material
    • very useful for creating a section with higher mesh density inside a larger assembly (no slicing required)
    • if necessary, can change the material, useful for modeling a heat sink with copper insert
    • if necessary, can change the number of node planes in the insert


  • Availability: November 2022
  • Feature list is preliminary

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