Sauna V5.0 Preview

circular board model with Sauna V5.0
Figure 1: Circular board model, created with preliminary Sauna V5.00 version

Work is moving ahead nicely on Sauna V5.00. Sauna V5.00 provides circular shapes for the first time and will be available in December 2018. Figure 1 shows a circular board created with the preliminary version of Sauna V5.00. Figure 2 (see below) shows the same model after calculating temperatures.

circular board temperature contours
Figure 2: Temperature contours, created with preliminary Sauna V5.00 version

Sauna will support more than just simple circular shapes. As shown in Figure 3 below, annular plates and boards will also be allowed. It will also be possible to have partial and sliced circular shapes. These shapes are not currently available in the development version, but will be included in the final version of V5.0 in December.

annular circuit board
Figure 3: Annular and sliced shapes will also be supported in Sauna V5.00

Many combinations of shapes will be possible, as shown in Figure 4.

shape combinations
Figure 4: Round and square holes are allowed at various positions

It will possible to place an annular plate inside the rectangular plate hole, then join the assemblies together (Figure 5). This provides a straightforward way to model a cold plate.

circular geometry configurations
Figure 5: There are many ways to use the new shapes

In a similar way, a circular plate can be placed inside an annular plate and joined together. This provides an easy way to model a wire with insulation. There are many other possibilities.

Disclaimer. It will be possible to model the shapes shown in Figure 4 with Sauna V5.00 in December 2018. However, please be aware that there will be limitations and some constructions will be awkward. For example, there won't be a "create tube" command. Instead it will be necessary to create stackups of annular plates. The followup release, Sauna V5.1 in mid-2019, will resolve many of these issues. For December, you can be assured that Sauna V5.0 will be an excellent tool for modeling circular and annular boards and plates.

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