Sauna V4.5 New Features List

random power curve
Random power profile, model with "raw data" control elements

New raw data control elements

  • Use for random power data from experimental measurements or simulations
  • Scripting is not required, input is from a tab or comma delineated spreadsheet file
  • No fixed limit on the number of steps, more than 1,000,000 steps possible
  • Raw data types: wattage vs. time, boundary temperature vs. time
  • For repeating and semi-repeating data (square waves, ramps, etc.), Sauna's scripted control elements can be used
  • Sauna MS version of the software is required for all transient analysis

simplified power curve
Simplify raw data control elements to obtain results quickly

New tools for simplifying raw data control elements

  • For large models with complex power curves, simplification tools are essential
  • Simplify entire power curve
    • obtain preliminary results
    • identify critical zones of power curve, important for random data where it's not obvious where maximum temperatures will be reached
  • Simplify a range of control element
    • many power curves have high power for just 5 or 10% of the total time
    • simplify unimportant ranges while using fine resolution for areas of high power
  • Obtain results in minutes, not hours

Much larger models are possible

  • 100,000 nodes for Sauna Modeling System (previously 15,000 node limit)
  • 20,000 nodes for Sauna Standard (previously 7,500 nodes)

Product refinements

  • Faster drawing of models
  • Can interrupt drawing with "c" key (for cancel), useful when working with large models
  • Easier to change layer visibility
  • When graphing time-based controls, can specify a time range or Y-value range (or both)
  • Several bug fixes

Pricing: no change to pricing schedule

For more details, see the Sauna V4.50 Release notes.

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