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Registration For November 2017 Sauna Training

There are four ways to register for the training session: online, mail, fax and phone. If you wish to make payment with a Visa/MC/Amex card, you should register by phone. Here are the four options:

  • Online. To register online, fill out the form below and press the Submit Registration button.
  • Mail. Print out this page and fill in the requested information. Mail the completed pages along with the appropriate check or purchase order to:
       Thermal Solutions Inc.
       3135 S. State St., Suite 350C
       Ann Arbor MI 48108
  • Fax. Print out this page and fill in the requested information. Fax the completed pages to Thermal Solutions at 734-761-9855.
  • Phone. Call Thermal Solutions at 734-761-1956.

Please provide all of the requested infomation.

I will be attending the:
Beginner training Advanced training

Payment method:
No payment required (included with Sauna MS purchase)
Check enclosed
Check will be mailed
Will bring check to training session
Purchase order number:


Email address:

Phone number:

Company name and address:

Have a question? (optional):

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